The is a members only club for Domainers and people who work in the Domain Industry, be it Registries, Registrars, Institutions or the service companies that cater to the Domaining world. The only requisite to join the club is to own at least one Domain with a public WHOIS record. Members meet regularly at meetings all over the world .As a Gold Member, you will have free access to our annual DomainingEurope Conference, which takes place at the end of April/the beginning of May


Here are some of the advantages that you will have as a member of
Our mission is to inspire, inform and influence by providing a rich portfolio of products and services
designed to meet our members' needs.

Quality Seal

Once your are a PRO member and after signing up with all the needed Information, we will certify you and give you a Quality Seal.

Legal Advice

You will have access to sample contracts and consultations with the most prestigious lawyers in our community.

Pre-formed Contracts

A variety of pre-formed and ready to be used contracts are available for PRO members.

Industry News Service

Be it the latest gossip or hard facts, be the first one to know.

Cooperation With Members

Our Members Platform will allow you to cooperate with members from other countries.

Free Conference Tickets

As a PRO member you will be entitled to a free ticket for our annual Main Conference, which takes place in April/May. We are also negotiating special rates with partner conferences.

Combined Buying Power

Be it in Domain-Registration, Hosting or Service contracts, we, as the CLUB, will negotiate special rates for members.

Pricing Observatory

One of the most important things for investors is the verified valuation of prices. We are setting up an Observatory for the prices of GTLD's and ccTLDS based on past sales.


We are preparing our own Industry specific Crowdfunding Platform.


As many of our members use freelancers all over the world, we are about to assist in Quality and proven Manpower.

Local Country Chapters

International members will always be welcomed by local country chapters! Meet and host interesting people from your industry.

Joint Development

Why invent the wheel! Use the talent of members to make great projects a reality. The CLUB will provide an interchangeable virtual currency to, be used by members.

Institutional Representation

Representation to defend the sector's interests in its relations with Public Administrations (agencies and departments from autonomous regions, and central / regional / local government). EU – ICANN

Awareness Programmes

Our industry needsf broader public awareness, and we are going to work with Associations and Institutions to train speakers and to prepare programmes to be used for this purpose.

Latest Tools

Be ahead of your competition in using the latest tools in the market. We negotiate Beta testing agreements and discounts for members.

Domain Certification

As a member you will have access to a Members Club Official Certification that WHOIS data are correct and that you are the owner of this Domain!.


As a member you will be invited to private Domainer's Parties and special conferences all over Europe.
As we are going to make agreements with other clubs you will be able to take advantage as a Guest Member.


Below you will find information on the divisions of
As our industry itself, we at the club are constantly innovating and will add Divisions to better serve our members.
If you want to lead or participate in one of the Divisions, just let us know.


Prepare and distribute promotional material and awareness programmes for the good use of Domains

Membership Relations

We are here for you! As we know all members personally, we can assist in many situations and forward their concerns.

Legal + Mediation

Our Legal Division is working together with lawyers in different countries and will observe various UDRP cases and panels.

Speakers Bureau

A listing of Influential Business Speakers across our Industry.

Development / Archive

This section will take care of setting up an archive of all the relevant Open Source Tools and members developments / speeches and presentations.

Institutional Relations

Be it on an international level, like ICANN or EU, or in local Public Administrations. Our Division Leader will take part in hearings and consultations before rules are implemented.

Our Works

We are a Club, where members work actively to benefit all those involved.
Every single action must be a WIN-WIN-WIN situation.

Coin Talentis

Quality Seals

Quality Seals

Quality Seals

Quality Seals

Quality Seals

Quality Seals

Quality Seals

Club Card

Welcome Club

About Us

The Domain Name Industry is vastly expanding, and there will be many new possibilities
for entrepreneus given the arrival of New TLD's in the market.

New gTLDs: the Dot has new friends! aims to offer members a platform to cooperate in many aspects and to raise awareness of our industry to other sectors, like Marketing, Finance, Advertising, to name just a few. We now have about 250 million Domains registered and, if we as a group can raise awareness to the general public, we will have many possibilities to grow exponentially.

Awareness is the Key-Term for our public work. We have to bring the word Domaining to all regular discussions and directories. Therefore we have to divise awareness programmes and speakers who can and will promote Domains.

We will study and prepare new possibilities of how to use Domains, especially in the #smart area of our life and in the Internet For Things future. Imagine every car, every house, and every important machine with its own Domain. #advocating the use, adoption, and expansion of domain names as the primary tool for users to navigate the Internet#

We have an Eco-system, which starts at the ICANN level, and goes to Registries, and Registrars and finally the Registrant. They are all somehow interwoven and need each other. We, as the CLUB, are the platform, where all components can meet regularly and work together for the better of us all. It is and must be, a WIN-WIN-WIN situation. Virtual meetings are perfect for normal day collaborations, but real contacts are woven at physical meetings. Therefore we will keep organising our Conferences, be it at a local or international level.

Collaboration between different languages and countries is important, and this difference exists especially in Europe. We at the CLUB will be a facilitator to cooperate between members of different languages.

We will be organised through different Clusters and Country/Language partners. Local partners should be the voice to be heard from legislative bodies in their countries. An open Registrants policy should be promoted wherever possible.

We will have a certified membership seal, which will be issued if a member signs the CLUB's Code of Conduct.

Fun Facts

Our industry is one of the fastest growing ones in the Internet Eco-System Without
Domains, the Internet like we know it today would not exist!.



Join now to strengthen our Industry and to take advantage of all members' benefits!

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DomainingEurope.CLUB Partners

As in any good functioning Members-CLUB we need Partners to help us perform this important activity.
As an industry Leader this is your opportunity to give something back to the community.
Please contact me directly for further discussion on how we can work together in mutual benefit.

Get in Touch

For personal contacts please ask for an appointment.
The best way to contact us is via email.
We usually respond in 24 hours.

Contact Info

Domaining Europe CLUB LTD
20-22 Wenlock Road
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Phone: +44 744 190 8094